Chris’ Cure Fund and Shakeology Donations

This page will be dedicated to one of my special team members, Chris, whose Leukemia has reared it’s ugly head again.  He is a fighter and has kept digging through his workouts even amongst many trips to the hospital and not feeling well.  Unfortunately, the Leukemia has returned and he is now back on medication.  At this time he is struggling financially as you can imagine someone with cancer would and he cannot afford his Shakeology which to him was very helpful to him medically.

I have setup a Paypal account for donations to Chris so we can help him hopefully not only afford Shakeology but maybe help with his medical payments.

If you would like to donate to Chris I’m sure he would appreciate it.

From Chris – 7/20/12 on Facebook – “Thanks everyone. You’re all amazing and such great people. I’m already seeing financial problems. I’m sad to say, that I’ll have to stop the Shakeology HD, since I can’t work. My greatest meal is gone after this month. Sigh. It’s horrible.”

UPDATE: Chris is so amazingly appreciative of the help people are providing.  Some people want to send him Shakeology directly and others are donating, it is amazing.  Chris told me today ” I would have never thought something like this would happen. This is probably the most amazing thing to come out of all this bad news. ”

Even Carl is posting on his page about our buddy Chris!


Just click Donate below, thanks everyone.


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