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Canada Beachbody Coaching

Tuesday, September 25th, 2012

You guessed it! Canada Beachbody Coaching is here! I know you have waited a long time for Canada Beachbody Coaching and now it is here.

The opportunity fully opens for pre-launch on OCTOBER 1st!  SIGN UP HERE  I know you are mega excited about this as I have talked to so many people for so long about the Canada Beachbody Opportunity.  I am so excited to announce this to everyone.

There are a few things you should know about this amazing opportunity.  You want info well I have a lot of it.  If you don’t get your question answered here then go ahead and pop me an email here.

So, as this launches, individuals residing in Canada may enroll as a Coach, however, you will be operating a United States independent business with Beachbody in the United States.  No big deal though, no worries.

Since you will currently be operating directly with a United States business, all product prices will remain in US dollars. In addition, you will see your commission reports reflected in US dollars and will be paid any commissions due in US dollars (either by check or EFT depending on your personal choice).

Just as US Coaches, Coaches residing in Canada will be sent a statement of your earnings (for tax purposes). You will be provided a 1042 to file their taxes, and can expect to receive that in February.

Sales to Canadian customers may NOT be made from independent sites, as all purchases from Canadian residents must be made directly from Team Beachbody (including through your Beachbody Coach replicated Web site)—and not sold or resold directly.  No worries here, this is how I make ALL my sales so this won’t even affect you.

The final launch of the Canada Beachbody Coaching opportunity should be completed in 2013.  Beachbody is in the process of completing registration and regulatory approvals with the Canadian government. This is the last step before we can allow Canadians to operate Canadian Coach businesses.  We will automatically transfer a Canadian resident’s U.S. businesses to Canadian Coach business when we officially open. This transfer will NOT affect the placement of that business in the genealogy, nor will it impact volume, bonuses, etc.

Canadian Beachbody coaches will be able to have Fit Clubs, run Challenge groups, sell orders on  Home Direct, get customer leads, and do basically anything a US coach can do.

It is here, we are excited to have you and I welcome any questions regarding this amazing opportunity open to you.  Be the FIRST!


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