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Pre-workout Food for Best Results

Wednesday, February 20th, 2013

I’m always asked about pre-workout food before programs like P90X, Insanity or TurboFire so here goes.  When it comes to adopting a great workout routine that gives you the results you want, it is only natural that you incorporate a different way of eating along with that routine. When you are following a fitness and wellness program, you certainly understand the need for optimal nutrition; however you might not know exactly what to eat or what to avoid before you workout.

The first and most obvious rule of thumb about pre-workout food is to avoid anything heavy, such as high fat or high fiber foods that will just sit in your stomach. While high fiber foods are great for a healthy diet in general, they keep you full-feeling and sit in the stomach for awhile after you eat. Eating high fiber foods just before a workout will really slow you down and could make you feel sick. Save the high fiber for well after your workouts or well before.Pre-Workout-Food

Optimally, pre-workout, you want to eat foods that will enable you to burn calories and also make you feel more energized while working out. When you are in the middle of a strengthening or high cardio workout from Beachbody or any other workout regimen, you will need the extra fuel in your system just to safely keep up. When you don’t eat or drink sensibly and then work out (or worse yet, you work out on an empty stomach first thing in the morning), you actually run the risk of depleting muscle mass instead of building it. You also may set yourself up for actually slowing your metabolism as your body struggles to find fuel for the workout you are putting it through. If you are doing P90X or Insanity to lose weight, the last thing you want to do is slow down your metabolism. While it may seem counter-productive to eat before working out, you simply have to eat to give you’re the necessary fuel to work out effectively, build muscle mass and lose any weight.

Your best pre-workout food to eat about an hour or a half hour before a workout should contain protein or complex carbohydrates. Some ideas of pre-workout snacks or light meals can include a banana, hummus and multi-grain crackers, celery and peanut butter, apples and a handful of nuts (such as almonds), fruits, and an energy bar.

Energy and EnduranceWhen you embark on a Beachbody workout program and nutrition plan, Beachbody supplements such as “Energy and Endurance Formula” or the “Results and Recovery Formula” are ideal options for accompanying your workout, fueling your drive to go harder, and for helping you get the maximum results each and every time you work out. All of the Beachbody nutritional products contain the vital nutrients to replenish, fuel and help you build your body to what you want it to be. The premium Shakeology meal replacement shakes are made with your workout in mind. They contain 23 vitamins and minerals, along with 70 ingredients from the world over to give you the most nutritious supplement on the market. Shakeology drinks are very nutrient dense and low calorie and are proven to give you that energy boost you need before or after an intense Beachbody workout.  If you would like a FREE sample click here for more info.

Eating the right way before and after any workout will only help you reach your goal quicker and more effectively. The right high protein meal or snack, combined with the great flavor options from the Beachbody line of bars, shakes and supplements, will help you build muscle, cut down on soreness afterwards, repair any injuries and enjoy the benefits of the healthy lifestyle you have worked so hard to achieve.

Shakeology March Madness Challenge

Sunday, February 17th, 2013

Get ready to lose weight, win money, get fit and be healthy for March with a 30 Day Shakeology Challenge!  It can’t better than this right?  The challenge starts March 11th and runs through April 9th.  Details are below:

The first step in this challenge is to make sure I am your FREE coach, click here to follow the steps.  This is required to be part of the challenge.

You will be required to drink Shakeology on a daily basis and post to the group daily.  That is all. Click here for real life Shakeology testimonials.    Of course, working out will aid in your overall results and that will of course help you win the cash in the end.   You must be on Shakeology Home Direct to be part of this challenge.  Contact me here for details on where to order prior to ordering please and how to save some $$$.  The reason for this is that you get free shipping when you order Home Direct/Autoship and it can be cancelled at anytime.

The winner who will split a $500 cash pot is determined based on the average of weight lost AND inches lost over the 30 day period.  Top 3 transformations will win $175, $125 and $100 and there will be two $50 prizes as random winners.  Not bad?

march madness shakeology challenge

Good Fats Vs Bad Fats: Just the Facts on Fats

Tuesday, February 12th, 2013

There’s plenty of talk about fats. It’s actually the a huge popular topic when discussing fitness and healthy nutrition. Sadly, most people feel that simply eliminating fat from their diet will help them lose weight.  There are good fats vs bad fats and the key is to learn about them both.

This could turn out to be a huge mistake, though. If you completely cut fat from your diet, there are serious health repercussions. There are fats that are important for digesting certain vitamins, some that help to keep our skin soft and smooth, and others that are absolutely required for normal biological functions.good fat bad fat

But, with everyone blaming the obesity epidemic on fats, it can be easy to get mixed up. In this guide, we’ll set the record straight with some simple facts on fat.

Overview of contents:

  • Bad fats, and why we should avoid them
  • Good fats, and why you need them
  • A simple solution to getting the right fats while avoiding the bad fats

Bad Fats – Why You Must Avoid Them

Saturated fats are your worst enemy when you’re trying to improve your appearance. They clog your arteries, go straight to your thighs (uh oh!), and have even been related to an increased risk of developing breast cancer.


But they taste so great, well kinda! You’ll find them lurking in just about every delicious snack or meal that you eat, but they’re particularly plentiful in fried foods, baked goods (cakes, cookies, pies, pastries), and red meat.

They’re also calorie-dense. Each gram of fat contains 9 calories. Carbohydrates, by comparison, have only 4 calories per gram. Carbohydrates have been demonized in the last few decades, but they’re nowhere near as calorie-dense as saturated fats.

It will be impossible to cut them from your diet completely, though. They’ve also been shown as an essential part of a balance diet in studies performed by Harvard. Pay attention to the amount of saturated fats in your diet to make sure that they don’t make it more difficult for you to get into the best shape of your life.

Trans fats are the absolute worst enemy of anyone hoping to build an awesome body. They’re also known as hydrogenated fats, and they’re found in plenty of processed foods. You might love eating special edition holiday Oreos but they’ve got way too many trans fats to be eaten regularly.

Thankfully, food-label laws have made it easier than ever for us to identify the foods that are high in trans-fats. Look out for them and make sure to avoid them all together, if possible.

Good Fats – Why Do You Need Them?

You might feel like a department of homeland security employee who just heard that there are “good terrorists.” You can’t possibly imagine a world in which fats could do anything good for your body. But, as outlined above, they’re essential for biological functions.

Unsaturated fats also provide several additional health benefits. Monounsaturated fats can help to lower your bad cholesterol levels (LDLs) while improving your good cholesterol levels (HDLs). Polyunsaturated fats are also known to help with this process, but provide additional health benefits.good fat

For instance, they provide an abundance of Omega-3 fatty acids (when consumed through sources like fish, oils, nuts, or seeds). These are essential fatty acids that are important to proper neurological functions, metabolic processes, and the production of certain oils in our body.

You can’t produce omega-3 fatty acids, so you’ll have to consume them from an external source. Polyunsaturated fats deliver.

Make it Simple – Get Rid of the Bad and Keep the Good

One of the best ways to make sure that you maintain a good balance of good fats and bad fats is by using my favorite meal replacement shake  Shakeology for a number of reasons.

First, the shakes are designed to compliment your fitness efforts through Team Beachbody programs like Insanity, P90X2, Les Mills Combat and other workouts like Slim in 6. They deliver the essential nutrition that you need to recover from these workouts, but they don’t have any of the junk that you might be consuming with your own cooking.  With over 70 super food ingredients in one super tasty shake you really can’t go wrong.  I have one everyday for breakfast and love them!  They also help with weight loss, digestion, lowering cholesterol, energy gain and much more. Yum!

shakeologyThese shakes don’t provide a “full-time solution.” You’ll find it incredibly tough to survive on nothing but Shakeology shakes. Instead, you can use them to replace one or two meals per day (follow the instructions closely, and consult with a physician if you have existing health conditions). By doing this, you’ll eliminate the likelihood that you consume too many calories, but you’ll also increase your chances of avoiding the bad fats.

They also taste great. They come in a number of flavors and they’re easy to make. You can even get a set of 24 packets that are great for when you’re on the go.  If you want a free sample of Shakeology just let me know.  Click here!

Have you had any experiences with Shakeology, or eliminating bad fats from your diet in any other way? Share your experiences in the comments below to help everyone else on their fitness journey!  We welcome you to join our Challenge Groups or just ask us for free advice or coaching.  Email us or just go here for information about free fitness coaching.

Abs Are Made in the Kitchen – You Earn a Six Pack from Eating Well

Wednesday, February 6th, 2013

One of the benefits of getting into great shape is having a body that looks great. Most people consider a six pack to be the most important part of a sexy physique. But, if you’re working out and not experiencing results, it may be that you’re just not eating properly.mens six pack abs

Working out can help to keep us looking great. It’s an essential component for anyone looking to sculpt their body. But all by itself, working out won’t do more than improve your health. While we all want to feel our best, spending hours in the gym working out or doing our wonderful Beachbody workouts without visible results can really eliminate your motivation.

Learning how to eat to increase your chances of showing your abs is essential. In this post, I’m going to cover:

  1. Three eating habits that are keeping your abs from showing through
  2. What you should eat instead, so that your melt that belly fat
  3. A great program that can help jump start your journey towards having killer abs

Three Eating Habits that Hide Your Abs

It’s simple to understand how you develop abs. You lose fat and gain muscle. But if you’re working out on a regular basis, you might wonder why your abs aren’t haven’t shown up yet. It probably has to do with the eating habits that are left over from before you changed your lifestyle to focus on fitness.

The first is eating late-night snacks. There are a number of reasons why you shouldn’t eat before you going to bed – you’ll get better rest, wake up earlier, and have more energy. The biggest challenge with eating before bed, though, is that you’re filling your body with calories just before it goes into a low-metabolic state.

This means everything that you eat before you go to bed is more likely to end up stored as fat. Don’t eat anything three hours before you go to bed. It’s as simple as that.

The second bad habit you probably have is eating “three square meals” a day. You need to divide your caloric intake between six meals. Ideally, each meal should be two hours apart. It can be tough to eat like this, but it has great benefits when it comes to boosting your metabolism.  Check that P90X Nutrition Plan or your Insanity Nutrition and you will notice that you won’t be eating “three squares” a day.

If you’re having trouble figuring out how to squeeze these extra meals into your day, check out the article that I recently released that shows five simple snacks that will help with your fitness efforts.

The third bad eating habit that most people have is simply eating the wrong things. I’m not going to tell you to cut out carbohydrates or deserts. That would be totally insane! But, you do need to focus on making each meal well balanced.

There are plenty of great resources that can help you do this. is one of the most popular. The Team Beachbody club member’s only area also has a customized meal planner, though, that’s far more advanced. Get in touch with me to learn more about how you can gain access to this part of the Team Beachbody website.  Learn more about Club membership here.

Bonus Tip – avoid red meat! It’s best that you find your protein through sources like chicken and fish. They’re lean proteins, and they’re less likely to collect in your digestive tract. One of the reasons so many people seem to have large bellies is because of the red meat that’s collected in their gut. Limit your consumption of red meat to no more than once every ten days to see amazing results.

What You Should Eat to Melt the Belly Fat

There’s no miracle food that burns more calories than it puts in your body. Sure, broccoli, brussel sprouts and other forms of roughage (like lettuces and cabbage) can help to jump start your metabolism and digestive process, but they’re just not going to help you burn calories.female six pack

Instead, you should focus on eliminating the processed foods that probably make up the majority of your diet. Build your entire diet around organic alternatives to the foods you’re used to eating, and you’ll see that you experience results in no time at all.

Jump Start the Process and See Those Abs Fast

Everyone wants a shortcut. I’m here to tell you that there’s really no way to get to six-pack abs without a little bit of hard work and dedication. You can, however, jumpstart the process.

Consider signing up for the Shakeology Home Direct meal replacement system. You can replace one of your six daily meals with a shake, which makes everything much easier.  If you want to learn more about Shakeology just go here.

The Team Beachbody Ultimate Reset program can help you boost your energy, lose weight, and lower your cholesterol. It’s a perfectly formulated body detox that can also help to clean out all of the junk that’s built up in your digestive system in as little as 21 days.

Give it a try and don’t be surprised if you find that your belly fat disappears in about a month. Get in touch with me here if you have any questions about Shakeology or the Ultimate Reset.

Leave your comments to let everyone know what experience you’ve had with eliminating belly fat and getting those abs to show up!

Remember for free fitness coaching please feel free to contact us!  We LOVE to help.