Pre-workout Food for Best Results

I’m always asked about pre-workout food before programs like P90X, Insanity or TurboFire so here goes.  When it comes to adopting a great workout routine that gives you the results you want, it is only natural that you incorporate a different way of eating along with that routine. When you are following a fitness and wellness program, you certainly understand the need for optimal nutrition; however you might not know exactly what to eat or what to avoid before you workout.

The first and most obvious rule of thumb about pre-workout food is to avoid anything heavy, such as high fat or high fiber foods that will just sit in your stomach. While high fiber foods are great for a healthy diet in general, they keep you full-feeling and sit in the stomach for awhile after you eat. Eating high fiber foods just before a workout will really slow you down and could make you feel sick. Save the high fiber for well after your workouts or well before.Pre-Workout-Food

Optimally, pre-workout, you want to eat foods that will enable you to burn calories and also make you feel more energized while working out. When you are in the middle of a strengthening or high cardio workout from Beachbody or any other workout regimen, you will need the extra fuel in your system just to safely keep up. When you don’t eat or drink sensibly and then work out (or worse yet, you work out on an empty stomach first thing in the morning), you actually run the risk of depleting muscle mass instead of building it. You also may set yourself up for actually slowing your metabolism as your body struggles to find fuel for the workout you are putting it through. If you are doing P90X or Insanity to lose weight, the last thing you want to do is slow down your metabolism. While it may seem counter-productive to eat before working out, you simply have to eat to give you’re the necessary fuel to work out effectively, build muscle mass and lose any weight.

Your best pre-workout food to eat about an hour or a half hour before a workout should contain protein or complex carbohydrates. Some ideas of pre-workout snacks or light meals can include a banana, hummus and multi-grain crackers, celery and peanut butter, apples and a handful of nuts (such as almonds), fruits, and an energy bar.

Energy and EnduranceWhen you embark on a Beachbody workout program and nutrition plan, Beachbody supplements such as “Energy and Endurance Formula” or the “Results and Recovery Formula” are ideal options for accompanying your workout, fueling your drive to go harder, and for helping you get the maximum results each and every time you work out. All of the Beachbody nutritional products contain the vital nutrients to replenish, fuel and help you build your body to what you want it to be. The premium Shakeology meal replacement shakes are made with your workout in mind. They contain 23 vitamins and minerals, along with 70 ingredients from the world over to give you the most nutritious supplement on the market. Shakeology drinks are very nutrient dense and low calorie and are proven to give you that energy boost you need before or after an intense Beachbody workout.  If you would like a FREE sample click here for more info.

Eating the right way before and after any workout will only help you reach your goal quicker and more effectively. The right high protein meal or snack, combined with the great flavor options from the Beachbody line of bars, shakes and supplements, will help you build muscle, cut down on soreness afterwards, repair any injuries and enjoy the benefits of the healthy lifestyle you have worked so hard to achieve.

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