About Us

W e are Jo-Anne and Michelle and we are passionate about fitness and nutrition.    We enjoy all types of fitness from hiking to the peak of Mt. Rose here in Nevada (10,776 ft) to walking our dogs around the neighborhood.  We truly believe that fitness will lead us to a longer, happier and healthier life.  The time we spend outdoors riding our bikes or snowshoeing is not only much more enjoyable than watching TV but keeps us in shape.

We have come to realize that fad diets just don’t work but exercise and great nutrition are the key to successful fitness levels.  We discovered Beachbody products like P90X and Insanity work not just well, but very well.  In fact, we are Certified Insanity Instructors that have coached hundreds of people to reach their health and fitness goals.  They keep us motivated and committed to working out daily.  Our website will provide information about Beachbody as a company, it’s workout programs, and it’s Team Beachbody business opportunity.

If you live in the Reno or Sparks area be sure to come by Michelle’s live INSANITY classes taught four days a week, you are sure to have a blast.  For more info go here.