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5 Quick and Easy Snacks That Are Healthy

Wednesday, January 30th, 2013

If you’re hoping to get in great shape, then you’ll need to focus on eating healthy, too. It can be tough, though, as our lives are rather hectic. Finding the time to prepare many of the healthiest snacks can prove to be all but impossible. Use these five quick and easy snacks to keep your metabolism running at high speed.

Contents at a glance:

  • Shakeology Home Direct
  • Super Scrambled Eggs
  • Breakfast on the Run
  • Granola and Yogurt
  • P90X Protein Bars

Shakeoloy Home Direct – Quick and Easy Snacks without Any Work

If you’re looking to cut back on calories without sacrificing nutrition, then Team Beachbody’s Shakeology Home Direct program might be your best bet. Not only do you get a meal replacement shake that’s packed full of the stuff your body needs to stay healthy and more, but you’ll also have them sent to your home on a monthly basis. Shakeology is absolutely amazing. It has been my go to meal for breakfast for two years now. Totally addicting!

shakeologyYou can choose to purchase 24 single serving packets, which is best if you find yourself frequently on the go. You can also choose the thirty day supply to keep in your kitchen. They’ve been designed to accompany your weight loss efforts with Team Beachbody work out programs, like P90X, Insanity, and TurboFire, and many more. If you want a free sample just click here.

They’re a great way to jump start your weight loss efforts, but they’ll also help keep you nourished when you’re on the go.

Super Scrambled Eggs

Combine three eggs, 1/3 cup grass-fed organic milk, ¾ tablespoon of salt, 1/8th table spoon of pepper, and ½ tablespoon of Worcestershire sauce.

Beat the eggs, milk, and seasonings together. Fry for six to eight minutes. Stir often.

This you can double the ingredients to provide a healthy, protein-rich breakfast for two.

Breakfast on the Run

Combine two whole frozen bananas, a cup of milk, a half cup of plain yogurt, a quarter cup of wheat germ, one raw egg, and two tablespoons of vanilla extract in a blender. Puree until well blended.

Consider adding nutmeg for additional flavor. Avoid adding sugar to sweeten the shake. You can also experiment with using less milk and more yogurt, as well as additional fruits. Blueberries, raspberries, and black berries are my favorite.

It’s a healthy snack that will provide plenty of nutrition for your busy day. Don’t let the name fool you, though, as it’s a great snack even in the afternoon or in the evening.

Granola and Greek Yogurt

Granola and greek yogurt is one of the fallbacks that most fitness buffs turn to when they need a quick snack. Be careful and make sure that you use a low-fat, plain greek yogurt. Granola is a healthy and nutritious snack, but it packs a lot of calories.granola and yogurt

Keep the calories in check by limiting your snack to a half cup of granola and one cup of yogurt. Mix and match different flavors of granola to find which you like best. Just be sure to check the nutrition details to make sure you aren’t consuming more calories than you realize.

P90X Peak Performance Protein Bars

P90X Peak Performance Protein Bars may very well be the best quick, healthy snack on this list. They provide 20 grams of protein to help your muscles develop properly. This is important even if you’re not hoping to become “buff” or “ripped.”

Having healthy, strong muscles helps to boost your metabolism, even when you’re at rest. All of the Team Beachbody workouts – from Body Gospel to Turbo Fire – have some component to help you develop strength throughout your entire body.

P90X Peak Performance Protein Bars help to provide the nutrition that your body needs to recover from these workouts. They come in four different flavors (chocolate fudge, Café Mocha, Chocolate Peanut Butter, and Wildberry Yogurt), so you’re sure to find something that you like. You can try all of them with the variety pack to find the one you like the best.p90x protein bars

The protein also helps to keep you satiated. Controlling your cravings is important when you’re making a lifestyle change that focuses on fitness. Your old eating habits have trained your body to eat certain amounts of food at certain times of the day.

If you’re working on reducing your daily caloric intake, these bars will help to keep you full so that you don’t turn to your old eating habits when you find yourself with a craving. They’re relatively affordable, too. A twelve pack starts at $23.95, and if you only eat one bar per day they’ll last for nearly two weeks.

They’re a staple in my fitness plan, because it’s always great to have a quick snack handy that can provide essential nutrition before and after workouts. They also fill in as a great quick snack in the middle of a busy day at the office. I love the two chocolate flavors, I have one daily at work as a snack, they are absolutely delicious!

Have you tried any of these snacks? Let me know what you think by commenting below and contact us if you are interested in our free coaching program, we’d love to hear from you.

Win Money with a Valentine’s Shakeology Challenge

Thursday, January 17th, 2013

Get ready to lose weight, win money, get fit and be healthy for February with a 30 Day Shakeology Challenge!  It can’t better than this right?  If you want details about this amazing Shakeology Challenge just pop me an email at and I will get you the scoop.


Pain in the Neck

Monday, December 17th, 2012

Ever have a pain in the neck?  What about your shoulders?  Are you one of those folks that sit at a desk all day in front of a computer and are sometimes so busy that you never get up?  Well I am!  So here I am with a pain in the neck.  My shoulders hurt, my neck hurts, my back hurts and I need some kind of relief.  I work at a large software company by trade and my two wide screen computer monitors are my best friends all day.  I get so involved with work that I forget to get up and walk around.  I slouch half the time and by the end of the day I am in pain.  Does this sound like you?

The problem does not get better when I get home.  I have a 3 month old baby so I have to tend to him in the evening.  My back and neck pain is now different.  It is now moving down as I hold him in the evenings.  I’m sure the parents out there understand.  Holding a baby is no easy task especially as he gains weight with age.  What do we do about this?

It’s all about exercise!  We have to take care of ourselves.  We have to exercise.  As you know by now from reading my blog I am a huge fan of Beachbody workouts and I love helping people reach their own fitness and health goals.  I need to take care of myself too though and getting exercise helps me relieve the pain I feel in my neck and shoulders after a day of work.  I am not  a doctor and am now way endorsing a specific exercise for you, I’m just telling you what works for me.  I think that working out is a great way to relieve stress and get rid of neck and shoulder pain.

Yoga is fantastic.  P90X and P90X2 come with a great yoga workout.  This is a wonderful way to stretch everything out and feel great.  This workout is wonderful and has some great moves that help you stretch your muscles in your entire body and help you feel fantastic.  Also, make sure your posture is good.  I often notice that I am not sitting straight up or standing with a good posture.  This is very important.  Make sure you sit upright and do not slouch, this will help a lot.  The same applies when standing, stand up straight.  You don’t want that hunchback when you are older, right?

Bottom line, stand and sit up straight, stretch, and most importantly, do your exercises.  If you need help picking a great exercise program let me know.  I’d be happy to help you pick out a great one and put you in a group with other folks doing the same workouts you are.  For free fitness coaching go here.  I would love to hear from you.  Check out the Beachbody Challenge here and get rid of the pain and get fit and healthy for the new year.

Beachbody Black Friday/Cyber Monday Offer

Friday, November 23rd, 2012

Get ready for some amazing sales of your favorite Beachbody workouts like P90X, TurboFire, Power 90, Hip Hop Abs and more on this Black Friday through Cyber Monday super sale from 9am PST Friday November 23 through 9pm PST Monday November 26



















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Canada Beachbody Coaching

Tuesday, September 25th, 2012

You guessed it! Canada Beachbody Coaching is here! I know you have waited a long time for Canada Beachbody Coaching and now it is here.

The opportunity fully opens for pre-launch on OCTOBER 1st!  SIGN UP HERE  I know you are mega excited about this as I have talked to so many people for so long about the Canada Beachbody Opportunity.  I am so excited to announce this to everyone.

There are a few things you should know about this amazing opportunity.  You want info well I have a lot of it.  If you don’t get your question answered here then go ahead and pop me an email here.

So, as this launches, individuals residing in Canada may enroll as a Coach, however, you will be operating a United States independent business with Beachbody in the United States.  No big deal though, no worries.

Since you will currently be operating directly with a United States business, all product prices will remain in US dollars. In addition, you will see your commission reports reflected in US dollars and will be paid any commissions due in US dollars (either by check or EFT depending on your personal choice).

Just as US Coaches, Coaches residing in Canada will be sent a statement of your earnings (for tax purposes). You will be provided a 1042 to file their taxes, and can expect to receive that in February.

Sales to Canadian customers may NOT be made from independent sites, as all purchases from Canadian residents must be made directly from Team Beachbody (including through your Beachbody Coach replicated Web site)—and not sold or resold directly.  No worries here, this is how I make ALL my sales so this won’t even affect you.

The final launch of the Canada Beachbody Coaching opportunity should be completed in 2013.  Beachbody is in the process of completing registration and regulatory approvals with the Canadian government. This is the last step before we can allow Canadians to operate Canadian Coach businesses.  We will automatically transfer a Canadian resident’s U.S. businesses to Canadian Coach business when we officially open. This transfer will NOT affect the placement of that business in the genealogy, nor will it impact volume, bonuses, etc.

Canadian Beachbody coaches will be able to have Fit Clubs, run Challenge groups, sell orders on  Home Direct, get customer leads, and do basically anything a US coach can do.

It is here, we are excited to have you and I welcome any questions regarding this amazing opportunity open to you.  Be the FIRST!


More coach FAQ’s here

Be a Beachbody Coach

Personal Development and Judging

Wednesday, August 8th, 2012

I decided to put forth the effort and invest in my personal development, which I am sure will not only benefit my personal life, but my professional life as well. Of course, the only way to make this happen, is to not only take in the knowledge, but apply it as well. Duh!! I have placed my attention towards a genre of development outlets such as: an audio book from John C. Maxwell on The 5 Levels of Leadership, a book by Dani Johnson regarding First Steps to Wealth and a book by Don Miguel Ruiz addressing The Voice of Knowledge.

Learning to look within myself, recognize my weaknesses, work off of my strengths, admit that nobody is perfect, and understand that we all have things happen in our lives that create who we are and how we choose to handle those happenings, not only has an impact on us but those around us. We all have something positive to contribute, but it sometimes appears that being negative is the easier route to take, yet we never notice the impact it inadvertently has on ourselves and directly on others.

I looked on Facebook the other day and saw an advertisement for P90X and next to the advertisement was a photo of one of the Top 5 Elite Coaches-meaning that this person has invested a lot, I mean a lot of time on their personal development and working with people. I had seen this coach on occasion at events Jo-Anne and I had been to for Beachbody, but this coach and I had never spoken. The coaches team members would speak about and support their coach with the highest of praise and appreciation. When I saw the P90X post, with the advertisement photo, I began reading the responses to the post. I became instantly offended by a majority of the posts and protective of this coach with whom I have never personally met. The persons posting the negative and extremely JUDGMENTAL comments had never met this coach either. How could I tell??? Well, not once did any of the naysayers mention this coaches name and those who did mention it, defended this coach because they either spoke to, knew or had seen the positive things this coach had done for their team or for others (like I did). All the JUDGES did during their posts was attack this coaches physical appearance (one of the coaches assets) without blinking an eye. Then when other negative people jumped on the band wagon, that seemed to give more ammunition to the original naysayers to criticize even more. Never once did they seem to blink an eye that they were judging someone they didn’t even know and knew nothing about. We have all judged but WHEN DOES JUDGMENT DAY STOP????

This got me to thinking. What made all of these 30+ people verbally attack this person they did not know. Where they intimidated, jealous, insecure over things this coach possessed that they didn’t?

Without knowing someone, how many times do we sit in judgment and exhibit negative thoughts or comments to others and about others that we may or may not know? I thought to myself, who am I to judge anyone? I am not perfect. I have my flaws and insecurities……I was raised without money, fought my demons with food, was in a physically bad relationship, am currently in a relationship supported by some and bashed upon by most, those who are too busy making judgments to take the time to see the whole picture.

How am I to succeed both professionally and personally if I have a preconceived belief of others and not a true hold and identity of myself. Don Miguel Ruiz said, “As little children, we are completely authentic. We never pretend to be what we are not. Our tendency is to play and explore, to live in the moment, to enjoy life. No body teaches us to be that way; we are born that way.”

I have learned to believe that even as adults we are authentic and to judge others only places us at a disadvantage from being able to learn from those who too are authentic. If I lived in a world of everyone like me, I would go crazy. Some people were either born with or given advantage over others, but everyone has their faults, either closeted or with the front door wide open. Some people say that there is only one individual that has the right to judge and I can’t disagree with that.

What makes one person better than another??? If anyone can answer that for me, then let the world be one huge courtroom, but until someone can answer that for me, I will continue to focus on things that I am learning within and about myself. Dani Johnson: “In order to get where you want to go, something has to change.” “If you focus on loosing, then you will loose” and the #1 mistake people make is lack of focus. Focus on the negative gets you 0. Focus negatively on people and I believe you will get distrust and disliked = being unsuccessful and unhappy.

Focusing on ways to make yourself better and going through personal development maybe gives less time for judgment and more time for your successes.

Change Your Focus

Friday, August 3rd, 2012

Have you ever sat down and wondered about your life and thought that nothing is going right? You know you are a good person, you treat people well, you do the right thing but you always feel like you can’t win. You know that life isn’t about winning and losing but you see people around you that are happy, have great jobs, have beautiful kids, are in amazing shape and you are the one with the job you do not like, the relationship that is falling apart and you are gaining weight like nobodies business. I can’t imagine anyone who hasn’t felt like this ever, am I right? If you say you haven’t I say you are lying to yourself. We all have!  Time to change your focus.

Let’s put a spin on it. Do you only focus on those negative parts in your life? Do you always think about the things going wrong and never about the good things in your life? I bet if you sat down for a moment you probably could think of some positives in your life right? Are you healthy? Think of all of those people who have medical conditions just trying to live. I’m very thankful for that. I have Epilepsy and there is not one day I think about the fact that I have to take 5 pills in the morning and 5 at night because I think of my buddy Chris who is trying to survive Leukemia or I think of my mom who survived an acoustic neuroma and an aneurysm or our friend Jen who survived a brain tumor. I have it great! Do you have a roof over your head and food to eat? You are reading this so I assume you have access to a computer or phone so that is a good thing, some people don’t. Do you have people who love you like parents, friends, family? Do you at least have a job, even if you do not like it? In this economy we should be thankful to even be employed. What is my point? My point is to focus on the positive, not the negative. YOur life will seem pretty darn amazing.

When you start to focus on the positive things in your life then guess what will happen, good things will happen? It is true. You have heard the quote “good things happen to good people” well it really does happen. I can’t tell you when it will happen but it really does. You just have to continue treating people right, doing the right thing for other people and you have to start focusing on the positive in your life and trust me, good things will happen to you.

I can’t tell you how many rough patches I have been through in my life, there have been a lot but I can tell you that there have been many, many more positives. Those are the ones I like to think about because those are the ones that have changed my life. The struggles have made me a stronger person for sure and while they did occur and they really sucked I moved on. The great times in my life though are my reason for loving life.

I love working with people and helping them improves their lives for the better. I have a great mentor and friend, Dave, who has helped me become a better person. I have a great partner, Michelle, who has also helped me immensely improved my life. I also have found an amazing opportunity, being a Beachbody Coach, that has turned my life around 180 degrees. THese are the things that are truly life changing.

It is worth it. Focus on the positive and improve your life. We’d love to help you so feel free to email us and get in touch. We have a great team of people doing great things with their life because of their focus. Join us!

MOTIVATION….we all have it hidden somewhere

Wednesday, July 11th, 2012

I woke up today and the question popped in my head, “What motivates people? What motivates me? Why I am so motivated and others aren’t? What exactly is motivation to me?”

Well, Merriam-Webster would say motivation is: The act or process of motivating. The condition of being motivated.  A motivating force, stimulus or influence: incentive, drive.

Another definition is: The reason or reasons one has for acting or behaving in a particular way.  The general desire or willingness of someone to do something. 

We know that there are good motivators and bad motivators out there.  Food, alcohol, drugs, negative people are bad motivators.  They are a stimulus or influence and more than not, a reason one has for acting or behaving in a particular way.  A way that can harm and damage a persons self-esteem, health and overall well-being.  When we let the negative motivators take over our lives then we loose control of ourselves, which in turn affects our families, our relationships with others and can lead to unknown self destruction of ourselves internally.

Fitness, fitness, fitness, healthy eating habits and positive people are motivators that will help us live longer, happier and productive lives.  I have engulfed myself in fitness all of my life due to the unforeseen happening of “life’s occurrences”, but I also caused damage to myself by having food (negative motivator) take place in my life during my late teens and early twenties.  It takes time for some, myself included, to find those positive motivators and make them a permanent part in our lives.

Mine not only is fitness, but is being in a healthy relationship, being around friends that are positive and learning to eat to live NOT living to eat.  As one of my favorite workout programs (P90X2) says, it takes TIME, PATIENCE and PRACTICE to get to where we want to be in our lives.

Never giving up and finding what your POSITIVE MOTIVATION IS and who your POSITIVE MOTIVATORS are is pertinent for success, health and wellness.   For some people in our wonderful workout group it is keeping the momentum of feeling strong and getting stronger.  A couple of team members stated that their kids were their motivation and having their kids see that working out is enjoyable, then the positive impact of working out will motivate the kids to be active and not become overweight or have a weight problem at all.  Wanting to be around to watch not only their children grow up, but their grand kids as well.  Anger motivates some people to get things done and for others it is accomplishment.  Seeing how far they have come in their health and fitness goals and wanting to maintain that “high”, so to speak, of doing something good for yourself and seeing/feeling positive results.  One of our team members is motivated to workout so she can “rock a belly button ring”-awesome.  This last one made me smile and I have to agree that we all have MOTIVATION hidden somewhere.

Whatever your positive motivation is, make sure to spread it around like wildfire because there is someone you know who needs that kind of motivation in their life.  If it is not your motivator that gets them going, then help them find theirs because we know that we all have it hidden somewhere. 


Why Be a Beachbody Coach?

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2012

Be-a-Beachbody-CoachSo you have heard about this Beachbody Coach thing but you wonder why on earth would I want to do it?  Do you even know what a Beachbody Coach is?  What do they do?  Why would you want to spend your time taking part in this business?  I hear this all the time.  I get questions asked to me about what the coaching opportunity is and people really want to do for them.  People ask about how much time it will take them, how much money it will cost them, if they are qualified, what exactly they have to do, and is it something they are up for.  Well, I am here to take the time to answer some of those questions.

What is a Beachbody Coach?  First off, a Beachbody Coach, according to me, is someone who is there to help, support, motivate and assist others through their fitness and health journey.  We are not necessarily nutritional experts, we are not trainers (though may be) but we are people that are doing or have done Beachbody workout programs like P90X, P90X2, INSANITY, TurboFire, Les Mills PUMP and many others and can help others through those same programs.  We are there to motivate YOU!  We are there to support YOU!  We want you to succeed like we have.  We are just like YOU!  That is why we can help you.

What do Beachbody Coaches Do? We spend our time building relationships with our friends, coworkers, family and even strangers telling our story about our success with Beachbody programs and supplements.  I’m sure like me you have had some great success with Beachbody programs and you have told many people about it.  As a coach you will continue to tell your story but when you tell your story you will notice that your friends will want to buy these products as well so they can join in on the success that you got.  All you need to do is have your friends purchase the products through your website.  Simple as that.  You do nothing differently, you continue to tell your story as you have been but this time, you get a 25% commission when your friends or family buy the products that many I’m sure have already been wanting to try.  There are many other ways to earn commission but that is the easiest way to get started quickly.what-a-beachbody-coach-is-not

Why would you want to spend your time doing this?  Well, this is easy.  Why would you not want to help other people?  As a human being, we get the greatest satisfaction helping other people.  Doesn’t it feel great when you have other people thanking you for helping them?  Is it not the most wonderful feeling when you get a thank you letter, or these days, a thank you email?  Well, I can tell you that after only a year of being a Beachbody Coach I have gotten more thank you’s than I can count.  People are so thankful that you put them in a group with others doing the same thing they are, they are thankful that you hold them accountable, they are thankful for support, they are thankful that you simply care about them, and they are thankful that you are there for them when maybe someone else isn’t.  Being a Beachbody Coach just makes you realize that you are a needed person and who doesn’t want to be needed?

Do you have enough time to be a Beachbody Coach?  Of course you do.  We all have 24 hours in the day.  It doesn’t matter if you don’t work, do work, have kids, have no kids, work nights, work days, work weekends, work 2 jobs, 3 jobs, or have the busiest life possible, we all have time for this.  What matters is how much time you are willing to put into building your business.  The more time you are willing to put in the more you will get out of it.  Some people put in only 30 minutes a day and some work this business full time.  It doesn’t matter as long as you work it a little bit everyday.  I sometimes work 1o hours today at my full time job and I can do it.  As soon as I get home I turn on my laptop and sit down to do some Beachbody work.  I have yet to eat dinner, have yet to workout but trust me, it will get done.  My main priority right now is this business (edit: my 6 month old son).  I will get it all done though because I am determined.  All that matters is that I get everything done tonight and it doesn’t matter what time I get to bed as long as I get it all accomplished.  Did I mention I have a newborn in the house?  He will sometimes be in my arms while I am working this business.

Beachbody-CoachHow much does it cost?  Well, not much at all.  First off, you get a 25% discount on ALL Beachbody products when you become a coach, awesome! The monthly fee to be a coach is only $15.95 and the start up fee for the first month is only $39.95.  That first month’s fee will be waived if you order a Challenge Pack too.  Challenge Pack’s are fantastic deals and I suggest to anyone signing up to purchase one.  Not only is the price fantastic but you will get another workout program to add to your library plus Shakeology (yum!) and a 30 day trial to the Beachbody Club membership, something all coaches should definitely know about if you want to help your clients.  If you were to breakdown the cost of buying the products separately vs in the Challenge Pack you will see it is much cheaper to get it in a Challenge Pack given that they startup fee is waived.

Extras?  Heck yeah!  Beachbody offers the coolest extras all year long to coaches.  I have earned the greatest swag since becoming a coach.  I have gotten free shirts, hats, duffle bags, and other great goodies just by doing a great job at being a Coach.  Also, I earned the Success Club trip to the Atlantis in the Bahamas this year and had the most amazing time.  Yes, free trip to the Bahamas.  Next years trip is to DisneyWorld and I have earned that trip too, for free, so maybe I will see you there!  There is an annual Coach Summit that everyone is invited to that is amazing.  This year it was in Las Vegas in June and it was amazing.  All of the celebrity trainers are there so what a great opportunity to workout with Tony, Shaun T and Chalene.

So, did I explain it well?  Are you convinced it is a great gig?  Oh, I forgot one thing.   You earn money by being a coach.  It is funny that I forgot about this.  It is the least important reason to me for signing up to be a coach.  It is not the reason I did it.  I signed up for the discount on the products, not for the commision I earn.  But, if you want to earn some money on the side this is the way to go.  There are people who earn some great cash and people who live off of being a Beachbody Coach.  Yes, I mean this is their full time job.  You can do it too.  People earn a six figure income, pay off houses, cars and live a dream life from this gig, you can too!

Contact me for more info.  I’d love to answer any questions.  I LOVE answer questions, please email!

Just want to sign up?  Go for it!


Join my team – Be a Coach!

My Year as a Beachbody Coach

Tuesday, March 13th, 2012


team beachbody coach log




As I sit here today thinking that I will leaving for the Success Club trip to the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas in one week I look back and realize that I have not even been a Beachbody Coach for one year yet but being a Beachbody Coach has changed my life in so many ways.  I never would have imagined back in May 2011 that when I signed up to be a Beachbody Coach that this company would be sending me to the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas just because I have helped so many people with support, motivation, nutrition, and just general fitness.

Quite honestly, when I first signed up to be a Coach with Beachbody I just wanted that discount on Shakeology, I mean, 25% is a big discount and if I can get a discount on all these great products I was going to take it.  I thought that I was not going to fall for yet another network marketing scam…again!  I have a full time job that pays the bills, that was good enough for me. I am no sucker for network marketing.  You are not going to catch me Beachbody, you can catch another sucker willing to give you a $39.95 sign up fee!  Haha!  So I took my discount and ran with it.

Well, what happenend?  It’s a year later nearly and I’m still a Beachbody Coach, a Diamond Coach in fact.  What happened is that this is the REAL DEAL!  No joke here.  I actually realized that I could help people and make money at the same time.  I never imagined it.  I started meeting the most wonderful people ever, people that turned into the greatest friends and mentors.  I started helping people with their workouts, supporting and motivating them through some tough times and even good times, answering nutrition questions, and just being there and building relationships.  I was having the most fun ever.  Oh, and I was making money doing it!  I not only would get paid weekly by Beachbody but I qualified for free t-shirts, free baseball caps, I just recently was on a team for the Success Club Team Challenge that came in 35th place out of 100 and we earned a t-shirt, baseball cap, headphones, laptop bag, duffle bag, and hoodie all courtesy of Beachbody. Did I forget to mention that trip to Atlantis in the Bahamas!  Oh, and what about the paychecks, yup, I still am getting paid every week.  I have met one of my best friends through Beachbody, I don’t need money for that.

Beachbody has allowed me to gain access to the most amazing fitness programs like P90X, TurboFire, Insanity, P90X2, 10 Minute Trainer, Hip Hop Abs and many more.  It has also introduced me to  wonderful nutritional supplements like Shakeology, a meal replacement that I would never go a day without that I wish I would have heard about years ago.  The best part about this company and opportunity is that it has given me the chance to meet the most amazing people that I never would have ever gotten the chance to meet.  Sure, getting my weekly checks is wonderful and winning trips is great but meeting all these wonderful people is so fantastic.  I cannot wait to meet some of them in Atlantis and then more of them at Coach Summit in Las Vegas in June.  I wish I could meet more of them.

It’s funny because I don’t know how many times I have told people how amazing this opportunity is and I think that they think I am trying to sell it to them but I truly know that this is the best thing that has happened in my life (besides meeting my wonderful partner).  How do you tell someone about something so amazing without them thinking you are trying to rope them into some fandangled scheme?  I guess you just have to prove it to them.  Beachbody is no joke.  You will get nothing out of it if you put nothing into it.  The more you give it the more you get.  You can put in hours a day or just a few minutes a day and your results will vary.  You can work it part time or full time.  Either way, you can and will succeed if you give it all you have.  It is just like working out.  If you push yourself to the max then you will get results, if you don’t then you won’t get results.  The same goes with the Beachbody Business Opportunity, if you give it your all you will succeed and then I will see you next year on the Success Club trip to DisneyWorld.  Do you want to be on my team?  Will you be my next Diamond Coach? Are you in?

Please, please, please contact me via this website or email me at if you have any questions.  I LOVE talking to anyone and everyone regarding this opportunity.

Become a Beachbody Coach

Tropical Strawberry Shakeology

Thursday, January 12th, 2012


The newest flavor of Beachbody’s favorite ultra super meal replacement, Shakeology is available NOW! Tropical Strawberry Shakeology!  The new flavor is vegan, dairy free, gluten free, lactose free and tastes delicious.

Tropical Strawberry Shakeology will help you:

  • Lose Weight
  • Feel Energized
  • Improve Digestion and Regularity
  • Lower Cholesterol

And it tastes amazing!  It is a full meal in one glass and will provide you over 70 nutrients that you can’t find anywhere else.  No other meal you eat in the day will give you more nutrients than one delicious Shakeology shake.  This patent-pending daily nutritional shake helps your body gently eliminate toxins more efficiently while allowing for better absorption of the essential nutrients you need.

More information about Shakeology is available here.  If you want a FREE sample, just contact me.


Les Mills PUMP Comes to Beachbody

Friday, December 16th, 2011

les mills pump logoBeachbody has teamed up with Les Mills to offer you PUMP, based on BodyPUMP. This workout will be coming to YOU as a workout program at home!

Beachbody and Les Mills International have teamed up to develop the exciting LES MILLS PUMP workout, the first comprehensive at-home DVD fitness program based on the globally famous BODYPUMP® gym classes.

Les Mills PUMP now available:

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What is Les Mills PUMP?les mills body pump

Quite simply, it’s the world’s fastest way to get in shape. The LES MILLS PUMP workout is a barbell-based rapid weight loss and accelerated strength-training program that incinerates calories to give you the ultimate tight, toned, lean body. If you want flat abs, lean legs, sculpted arms, and tight buns, then LES MILLS PUMP is for you.


How does Les Mills PUMP Work?

Great bodies aren’t born, they’re engineered. How? With THE REP EFFECT™, which uses lighter weights at a higher rate of repetition so you burn up to 1,000 calories per workout and get leaner—faster. Unlike typical strength workouts that use heavy weights and bulk you up, LES MILLS PUMP helps you get lean, strong, and sculpted using high-repetition resistance training. You push your muscles to fatigue by changing the tempo, position, and speed of your movements, all while hitting your target heart rate zone. So in every LES MILLS PUMP workout, you’re breaking down more fat reserves, targeting more muscle fibers, and blasting more calories than you ever could lifting heavy weights.


Les Mills PUMP Base Kit includes:les-mills-pump-base-copy-300x220

  • 7 DVDs
  • Lean, Strong, & Unstoppable Fitness Guide
  • Get Lean Nutrition Guide
  • Barbell that breaks down for easy storage
  • Barbell safety clips (holds the weights on and makes it easy to quickly change weights)
  • Two 5-lb. and two 10-lb. weighted plates
  • Workout calendar
  • 2 bonus workouts
  • Free bonus workout only available at Team Beachbody
Les Mills PUMP Deluxe Kit includes:


  • Everything in the Base kit
  • 3 additional cardio workouts
  • 2 additional 5 pound weights
  • Height-adjustable Step. Convenient to use as a weight bench, for cardio-conditioning, and platform for sculpting exercises




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Workout Details

  • Pump Basics: Teaches you how to use and put the barbell together. Don’t skip this one! (10 min)
  • Pump Challenge: Teaches you the basic resistance training exercises of Les Mills Pump: kickback, biceps curl, squats, deadlift, bench press, clean and press (my fav!) (20 min)
  • Pump and Burn: Can you say fat-burning? That’s what you’ll be doing in this strength and conditioning routine! (30 min)
  • Pump and Shred: Improve your body in a big way with shoulder training and lunges as you get into the The PUMP Rep Effect. You’ll be shaking up those fat stores like never before! (45 min)
  • Pump Revolution: Body transformation happens through toning, strength, and endurance. With exercises like cardio kick-ups, your body will be forever changed for the better. (55 min)
  • Pump Extreme: Here’s where you’ll experience the true power of Les Mills Pump! With isolating plate work and “bottom half” moves (you know what I am talking about BodyPump fans), the focus is on strength and intensity. (55 min)
  • Flow: No workout is complete without the benefits of relaxing the body, staying strong, and flexible. Designed to target the muscles used in Les Mills workouts, these yoga moves will help build a good foundation. (20 min)
  • Hard Core Abs: We all want a strong core! Not only will you get better defined abs but a strong core will help you improve in your other workout routines. (20 min)
  • Les Mills Core – FREE bonus Team Beachbody exclusive: Your core is the foundation of your body. You’ll be building an even stronger one by strengthening your abs and back.  (20 min)


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