Free Coaching FAQ

We have been successful Beachbody Coaches since May 2011 and have helped people who have very different goals.  Whether you want to lose weight, gain mass, tone up, maintain your momentum or you simply just need some motivation to workout daily we can help you.

Our goal is to commit to you 100%.  Your succeeding means we are succeeding.  We are in this for you!

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What does a free Beachbody coach do for me?

Answer: Lots!  We are here to motivate you and support you through your workouts.  If you ever have any questions about the program, nutrition or are just not motivated one day that is what we are here for.  Also, we are your link between Beachbody and you.  If you ever need an order tracked, have issues with an order, need something looked into, I can help you with that.

How do you provide support?

Answer: We have an amazing closed/exclusive group on Facebook that has a whole lot of people on our team, our family, all doing Beachbody workouts.  They people in the group are very supportive, motivational, friendly, funny and a whole lot of fun.  If you ever need anything from a group of people you will find it from these folks.  When you join the group you will find that they are more like family then strangers even though you have never met them.

What if I’m not using Facebook?

Answer: If you do not use Facebook that is no problem.  We communicate with a lot of people via email, text or even over the phone if you would like.  Email is the most popular for people who do not use Facebook.  We have had people create Facebook accounts just for the purpose of joining the group when they learn how popular it is but if you do not want to, we can support you in any method you want.

I think I have a coach but I want to switch to you, can I?

Answer: Sure!  Beachbody gives you the option of switching coaches at any time.  If you are ever unhappy with the support you are given you can email and let them know you want to switch coaches. Just tell them you want Jo-Anne Brandes Coach ID# 614040 ( to be your new coach.  Include your full name and email address and CC us on the email so we can follow up if there are any issues.  You can also click here for a full script of the email to send.

So you must get something out of being a coach right?

Answer: Yes, we do.  If you ever purchase anything from Beachbody then I would earn a commission from your purchase.  We do this for free though so whether or not you make any purchases we are still going to help you and coach you.  We both have full time jobs so we do this because we enjoy it, we like helping people succeed.  Remember, Jo-Anne lost 100lbs in the past, we want others to feel that same success.  But yes, if you purchase from we will get commission.  Thanks!

Any other questions?

Answer: Email, we’d love to hear from you.  In fact, we look forward to hearing about you, your life, your family, and the things you do.  Pop us an email!