Meet Jo-Anne

Hi, welcome to OverActive Life! My name is Jo-Anne Brandes and I am half of our coaching team along with Michelle, you’ll be hearing from both of us. A little info about me to begin with.   I used to weigh 220lbs, for a female that only reaches 5’4” in height; we all know that is a lot.   I discovered something very simple.   Eating well and exercise actually work! I started losing weight and got to a weight that I was pretty happy with. What didn’t work for me?   I hate the gym! I hate running!

Jo-Anne BrandesI discovered something amazing…Beachbody products.   Insanity was my first.   The workouts were harder than any I have ever done but they kept me entertained much more than the gym.    I worked harder and yet I enjoyed it more.   It changed daily and that is what made it great.    Also, I got stronger, leaner and felt better.  I now live an overactive life and love it.

I then started using Shakeology as I saw that it had so many super food ingredients in it that I could never eat all of that in one day.    I fell in love with it.   My whole family did in fact.   We have it daily for breakfast and I truly look forward to it.   It is so good and also is so good for you.  Chocolate is so good, mix it up with almond butter, pineapple, bananas and so many other things.

I became such a believer in Beachbody products that I decided to become a Beachbody Coach.    I am now a Diamond Beachbody Coach and loving every moment of this opportunity given to me.  I started telling family and friends about it and wanted everyone to know how great the workout programs were and Shakeology.   I never imagined it getting to this point.    I thought that if I loved it this much I’m sure everyone else would to.

So, here I am passing on the word to everyone I can.   Also, as a Beachbody Coach I can get a 25% discount on my beloved Shakeology and any other workouts I want to buy in the future but that wasn’t my goal, my goal was really to share what these workouts did for me.  Remember, I weighed 220lbs and now I weigh 125lbs.    I know how to lose weight with no gimmicks.

Update – 12/6/2011 – I felt the need to update this page.  It’s only been 7 months since I joined the Team Beachbody community and my life has changed immensely.  I have progressed through the coaching ranks to Diamond and my team has grown a lot!  I enjoy every moment I get corresponding with all of my team members and truly cannot imagine my life without Beachbody and the community.   If you ever wanted to be part of something truly special and amazing this is it.  I can tell you from experience.

Another update: 7/21/12 – What a year!  From the Success Club trip to the Bahamas to Coach Summit in Vegas it has been amazing.  I have met the most wonderful people and can’t think of anything else I want to with my life.  Beachbody has changed me both inside and out and I think Carl and my amazing upline Dave and Monica Ward for what they have done for me.  I learned today though that there is more to being a Beachbody Coach than just volume, commissions, trips and sales.  It is truly all about helping people.  One young man on my team learned that his leukemia came out of remission and he ran into financial troubles and had to cancel his Shakeology HD order.  He was terribly upset as this was his greatest meal and his oncologist recommended it to him.  I decided at that point that I would do what I could to get donations in the form or money or Shakeology itself to Chris.  The outpouring of support for him was so overwhelming from the Beachbody community.  It came from my team, to my upline team, to crossline teams to Carl Daikeler posting about it on his page.  It was amazing.  If you want to donate to Chris’ cause you can go here.  What an amazing year.

2013 Update:  I am in love with Beachbody!  This year has been amazing!  I just got back from the Coach Summit and had the most amazing time and met some wonderful people.  Not only connecting with Sagi Kalev, the Body Beast trainer and seeing Chalene Johnson again, it was more important to meet my coaching team.  We are truly a family and we had such a fantastic time.  This year I became a Certified Insanity Instructor so I can better help you reach your goals.  Such an experience!  We also earned a trip to DisneyWorld in March 2013 which was so amazing!  This was the second Success Club trip and it was outstanding.  Beachbody has truly changed my life for good and I know it has changed the lives of many others.  Connect with me and let me help you change your life too.  Next year the trip is a cruise to the Caribbean and I truly can’t wait.

I would love YOU to join my team of coaches and let me help you enjoy the life I am living now.  Fit, healthy, confident and financially successful!