90/10 Nutrition Challenge Group

My buddy Ryan has developed an amazing nutrition challenge that has been highly successful that I want to pass on to all of you.  With the 90/10 Nutrition Challenge, you won’t find any talk like “eat whatever you want and still lose weight”.  There is no hocus pocus here.  There is nothing to sprinkle on your food.   There is nothing to wrap around your body to reduce fat.  There are no hormones to inject into your body.  There isn’t even any calorie restriction.  In fact, we don’t even restrict entire food groups like “animal products” or “grains”.

The 90/10 Nutrition Challenge simply gives you an easy to follow standard by which to measure each and every food choice you make.  The system helps you to make whole food choices instead of processed food choices and the results are incredible…without feeling hungry or restricting calories!

I will be personally coaching a Challenge Team made up of five individuals that are willing to take the challenge (for thirty or sixty days) of eating healthy and whole foods 90% of the time! This means no packaged and processed food, no junk food, no white flour, no white rice….nothing bad for 90% of what goes into your mouth.

Remember, I lost 100lbs and that was by changing how I ate drastically.  Eating is of fundamental importance in losing weight and being healthy.  If you feel sluggish, have low energy, just don’t feel like you look your best or want to live a long healthy life you MUST nail your nutrition down pat.  This is the way to do it.


How to get involved:


Step 1:

Simply choose foods based on the 90/10 Nutrition Ladder.  The ladder consists of three easy to use Tiers.  90% of your intake should come from the Green Light Tier, 10% of your food can come from the Yellow Light Tier, and nothing should come from the Red Light Tier during the challenge.  Feel free to check out the Tiers using the buttons below.

Green Light Yellow Light Red Light




Step 2:

Use Shakeology Home Direct as a convenient and healthy Green Light option once a day to make sure you get all your vitamins and minerals and superior nutrition without having to count macro nutrients or vitamin percentages.  It can be used to replace a meal when you are on the go or as a snack if you wish.  This stuff tastes amazing and you WILL not find anything healthier in a shake. Guaranteed.  Try me!


Step 3:

Use the support of your free coach, me, and a Facebook challenge group to keep you going through the 4  or 8 week challenge.

With the support of the group and coach, the nutrition and convenience of Shakeology, and the easy to use Nutrition Ladder, you will have all the tools you need for success!  Will it be easy?  No.  But, very few things worth doing are easy.  Worth it, heck yeah!

The 90/10 Challenge was developed by my good buddy Ryan Chapman, check out what someone said about this challenge:

“I had been wanting to lose weight after gaining about 35 pounds due to hip problems and lack of exercise. I decided to try Ryan Chapman’s 90/10 Challenge and was glad I did. Within 60 days, I had lost 26 pounds and I was feeling healthier and able to exercise again. The challenge helped me focus on making healthy eating choices that will hopefully be a lifelong commitment to eating right. I have continued to use Shakeology and the 90/10 principles even after the challenge was over. To date, I have lost 30 pounds, and even completed a sprint triathlon recently. The 90/10 challenge was an integral part to getting me back on the road to good health.” – Dave G.

 Group Start Dates:

December 2nd (taking sign ups)

January 6th (taking sign ups)


Check out the 10 Rules of the Nutrition Challenge Group HERE

In order to register for my 90/10 Nutrition challenge group, simply fill out the form below and get ready to get fit and healthy. After your registration form is complete, you will receive a short confirmation email and then (within 24 hours) another email with final instructions for being added to the group and getting your Shakeology ordered.

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