Free Shakeology Sample


Have you been searching for a free sample of Shakeology?  Well, I can definitely offer that to you, no obligation at all.  I need you to do one simple thing for me.  Sending out these samples is pricey, about $5 each, so I want to be completely sure that you are serious about trying Shakeology.  Because of that, I can send a free sample of Shakeology to any Team Beachbody members who have a free or club membership with me listed as their official Team Beachbody Coach.

I’m sure you already know about the wonders of Shakeology and the science behind it as well as what countless doctors are saying about the benefits of Shakeology.  It tastes amazing and does wondrous things for your body.  It is the one meal I look forward to on a daily basis.  It is definitely worth trying.   Would you like to read some Shakeology testimonials by people just like yourself, check them out here.

If you do not have a FREE account yet, you can create one here!  If you have an account already, go here to switch coaches if you are NOT actively working with your current coach and follow Step 1.

Once you are all done just contact Michelle or Jo-Anne here and let us know you would like a FREE sample of Shakeology and we will get your address so we can send you your sample.