Success Stories

We are going to show you some amazing success stories from real people that are part of our team.  They decided to make a change in their life, they bought a Beachbody workout, they followed the nutrition guide and with that came success stories like the ones you will see below.  I can’t tell you how many times we have been asked if Beachbody workout programs really work.  Well, they do!

People ask if the folks in the P90X, Insanity, Body Beast, Les Mills Combat, TurboFire and all other workout videos are “Photoshopped”, they are NOT!  They are people like you and I who have had amazing success because they follow the schedule, follow the nutrition plan and get results like YOU can.  They changed their nutrition, they all drink Shakeology and they all changed their mindset too.

We can help you get results like the people you see below, it is up to you though.  We would love to be part of your journey.  We want to help motivate, support and help you too.

For now though, I want to show off our amazing team and show how wonderful they did and what amazing results they got.  Give them a HUGE hand. We are so very proud of them.  If you want to join our team go here.

April – April seriously kicked some butt on her first round of P90X.  She is now moving on to Insanity so we will definitely post some updated photos once she is done with her first round.  GREAT results here!

april orona p90x success

Livia – Amazing results with only one round of INSANITY!  Check her out!

livia insanity success

Helen – Helen did only one round of Les Mills Combat to get the amazing results you see below.  Doesn’t she look wonderful?  Combat is super fun and keeps you coming back for more AND gets you results like Helen’s!


Me – Yup, this is me after my very first round of Body Beast!  I LOVE this workout and it loved me too.  I got great results.  If you have questions pop me a message.


 Emily – Emily has gotten amazing results doing P90X, Insanity, Insanity: The Asylum, and TurboFire.  Her hard work definitely paid off and she is not done yet.  We are really proud of her.

Joshua – This guy has also had amazing results.  He has lost over 100lbs doing Insanity and has joined the United States Marine Corps!  Talk about inspiration.  We are very, very proud of our friend Joshua.  Congrats buddy.

joshua transformation

Jesse – Jesse got some amazing results doing Insanity and his photos tell his story.  When he started he pushed through very hard and never slacked one bit.  He did a fantastic job.  Congrats Jesse!

Molly – Check out these fantastic results!  Molly really did a wonderful job doing Insanity and has now moved onto an Insanity/P90X hybrid.  We’ll update her photos after her hybrid.  Congrats to her!

Alex – Right here is another great Insanity 60 day result.  Alex leaned up a lot and looks fantastic.  He is now doing P90X and is looking at Body Beast so we will definitely update his photo when he is done.

Luisa – Yet another amazing Insanity success story here from Luisa.  Good cleaning eating and 60 days of Insanity and you can look like our amazing teammate Luisa.  Check her out.  Congrats!

Whitney – These are wonderful as they show about a two year transformation.  Whitney did an amazing job over the last two years transforming her whole body and making a complete change in her habits and it shows!  P90X and Insanity did this for Whitney.

 Alicia – This is success right here in the making.  Alicia is amazing!  She has already lost 100lbs!  She is currently doing Insanity and loving it.  She looks amazing and feels amazing and I cannot wait to see her results and post more updated photos of her.  Congrats to her already on her amazing accomplishments!

Stephen – This guy I think is addicted to Insanity.  I can’t count the rounds.  He fits it in between school and has done a wonderful job as you can tell.  Definitely his favorite and it shows.  Congrats Stephen!

Madan N. – What can I say?  P90X is the program for results and Madan got some great results.  He is yet another Beachbody success and continues on with P90X2.  I expect more updates from him soon but for now we can see a real success story from Madan.

If you would like to join our team and be your own success go here for Free Fitness Coaching.  You can also start your own journey buying purchasing a Beachbody Challenge Pack like many of these folks did.  Feel free to contact us for more details.  We would love to hear from you.  We would be happy to answer any questions and we welcome it.  We look forward to putting your photo on this page soon!