Switch Coaches

If you want to switch coaches from the one you were assigned you are more than happy to switch coaches to us.  Simply follow the steps below to email Coach Relations at Beachbody.


With the same email you use to sign into your Team Beachbody Account, Copy/Paste information listed below in an email to coachrelations@teambeachbody.com and CC jobrandes@overactivelife.com. Replace the appropriate missing fields with your personal information.

Here is the Script to Use in Your Email:

Copy and Paste this script into your email (using your gmail, yahoo, AOL, hotmail, etc account):

“Coach Relations:

My name is  _insert your name here_ , my Beachbody email is _insert your email here_.  I would like to transfer my coach to have Jo-Anne Brandes, Coach ID#614040, at JOBRANDES2@OVERACTIVELIFE.COM as my NEW coach.  Please make the switch as soon as possible.  I request that you notify myself and Jo-Anne Brandes when the transfer has successfully processed.  Thank you!


_insert your name here_