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Myth Buster: Children are too young to lift weights

Friday, January 3rd, 2014

So if you’re one of the many, possibly millions of people who think that young children should not be subjected to lifting weights or any form of resistance training, then have I got news for you. When I say “young children”, I mean those of preadolescence (starting at the age of 10 for girls and 11 for boys).IMG_0313

Here I believe is one of the primary MYTHS and that is children are too young to do resistance training because it will damage their bones. As I have read, there are numerous studies showing that just the opposite it true. Resistance training increases their muscular strength, improves the cardiovascular system, gives them better body composition and weight control, produces competency regarding motor-skill ability, reduces risk for injuries, creates a positive self-worth, a higher self-level of esteem and creates stronger bones by building bones density 4 times as much as a child who did not do resistance training.

Within my readings there have been no reports of bone/skeletal damage, growth deceleration or substantial injury taking place, which is in part to having the proper guidance and assistance when doing resistance training.

Is now the time to considering making yourself your childs’ training partner?