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Too Darn Tired

Friday, May 20th, 2011

Hello all who choose to read this,

I know we should be motivating people here. That is why we set up this blog, but sometimes you just have to take a step back and admit when you are too tired to do anything after work. THAT is where I am at right now. I am normally not a quitter, just a realist and my reality is that I just want to sit here and type my little boo hoo story for today. Then once I am done feeling sorry for myself, Jo and I can go grab a bite to eat. A healthy bite though because feeling like poop after eating junk is miserable.

Uh, is it Friday yet. Probably in Europe, where all of the French people eat fatty foods and are as wide as they are tall. (If you are French- parle vous francais, I apologize but it is slightly true). Have you ever seen French people participating in workout videos or trying to promote healthy food? No. Who do you think invented “French” toast and “French” fries?

Today will be a day of rest. Hey if the Big “G” can do it, I think I need to as well. So, until tomorrow when I WILL actually do my Insanity program with P90X abs, I bid you all adieu.


I am Ying, the other half of Yang

Thursday, May 19th, 2011


So today was one heck of a struggle getting through my workout. “Boy do I hate working out”. (You will never hear me say that. No matter how hard the workout is.) I, unlike Jo-Anne, never looked like I was unhealthy or overweight, but I sure did struggle with it mentally like most people, especially women do. I battled with my body image for more than 10 years. Always wanting to look that “special way”, but reached a point to where I look damn good and ain’t no one gonna tell me anything different. (Two snaps to the side and ending with a circle.)

I have always been active and encourage others to be as well, not just because it helps people keep up with me, but because it is good for you and keeps you younger. As I get older, I realize that being healthy and active will not only keep me sane, but make me stronger, help me live longer (a goal all people should strive to master) and hopefully not need botox.

So tomorrow is another day, another workout and another day of happiness. Cheers to you and your health.