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Pregnancy and Exercise

Thursday, November 14th, 2013

Guest Post by Kristin Krenek:

#1 – and if I could put this in bold, I would…CHECK WITH YOUR OB FIRST AND FOREMOST! You will always want to get cleared by your doctor to work out. If you have underlying medical issues, ie hypertension, diabetes, etc…you will have to take it easier than someone who doesn’t have those issues.
#2 – if you were working out before, then you should be ok to work out now. If you were doing something like Insanity, Turbo Fire, P90X, running marathons, CrossFit…you should be able to continue until your body tells you to stop. If you were not working out before you got pregnant, you SHOULD NOT start working out with a


strenuous program after you become pregnant. If you want a good program to do, Yoga Booty Ballet is a good choice. Before I got pregnant I was doing Insanity. Once I found out I was expecting, I slowed down a little until IĀ ordered Les Mills Combat. I did that a few times a week until I started having abdominal cramping. I listened to my body and stopped the intense workout. Everyone is different… but one thing is the same. The more active you stay while pregnant, the easier your recovery after you have the baby will be.

#3 – Shakeology is amazing. We all know that. But is it for everyone during pregnancy??…ASK YOUR DOCTOR! I will NOT (and none of our other medical professionals on this site will either) tell you that it is ok to drink it while pregnant because I am not your doctor/PA. My OB said it was great….so I used it as my prenatal vitamin. I will highly recommend not consuming it daily during the first trimester because of the high Vitamin K level. So as for me…I drank it while pregnant and I drink it now while nursing. My 5 month old is healthy and happy…and a chunk. I blame that on the amazing nutrition he is getting through me. (I also eat Paleo, so he doesn’t get a lot of crap through my diet).

I hope this helps. If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask away. I am not an expert by any means. I am a Physician Assistant and I have two healthy boys at home…so I can give you advice. But it should always be taken to your doctor before you decide on anything. Do not put you or your precious bundle of joy at risk!!!

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